Brittany Abernathy & Maui

Maui Des Deux Sabres

I purchased Maui as an MR1 dog in 2019 after being invited to watch a training day with RedDirt Ringers. The previous owner Jessica Johnson allowed me to handle Maui, that was the day I fell in love with him and the sport. Maui and I enjoy continued learning and training as a team. He continues to help me everyday better myself as a handler. When we are not training we also enjoy traveling together camping out of the truck and trying new challenging hikes.


Mackenzie Aeberli & Drake

Man Drake 16130

Drake and I are coming out from California and this will be his 4th trial at level 1.


Rachel Bretz & Freya

Maiden Freya de Loucyn

Rachel Bretz is the owner of Pikes Peak K9 Camp in Florissant, Colorado. Freya is her first competition dog. After training in IPO at for a year Rachel knew Freya had the talent to compete in multiple sports. In addition to MondioRing this team competes in IGP, French Ring, PSA and NADF. Freya’s lightning speed and flying attacks are always exciting to watch!


Sara Brueske & Kreacher

Kreacher Sub Rosa

Kreacher, a 3 year old malinois bred by Sam Leinweber, has started his trialing career in the last year. His training has fueled his handler Sara's continued love for the sport of mondioring and they're enjoying all of the adventures that it creates.


Emily Bruss & "Bane"

Wulfsbane Glorious Defender

Bane is my first working dog and although short, our MondioRing career has taken us more places than we could have ever imagined. We have met some incredible people along the way and we can't wait to create more lasting memories at Nationals.


Kayla Fields & Melee

Melee 16130

Kayla is a member of Heartland Working Dog Club competing with Melee 16130 bred by Todd Dunlap. Kayla and Melee earned their MR1 title under Judge Ann Putegnat at the Steele City Working Dog Club trial in September of 2020. They will be taking the field at Nationals to compete at MR1.


Angela Greer & Varro

Varro du Loups du Soleil

Angela is new to Mondioring (one year) as a competitor with her malinois “Varro.” She has an immense passion for the sport; exemplified by achieving her set goal of competing at nationals with her first competition dog.  “Varro” is an enthusiastic and fun malinois competing at Level I.  He also enjoys dock diving and watching you as you sleep.


Eddie Guadalupe & Honeybee

Honeybee du Loups du Soleil

HONEYBEE  and I enjoy training in a variety of sports. We focused mainly on Mondioring and dock diving  and hope to explore others in the future.


Jordon Hill & Carter

E'Carter Ha'ateed

Jordon and Carter are from New Jersey and are very excited to be competing in the 2021 USMRA National Championships. #BOTW

MR1_Johnson_Petra B.jpg

Jessica Johnson & Petra

Petra Des Deux Sabres

I picked up Petra at 13 weeks old from Paris France after attending worlds in Poland. Upon arrival home, training started immediately. At 1 year old Petra and I competed in our 1st trial as a team in Paris, TX for our Brevet. 1 month later we then competed in our 1st MR1 in Norman, OK walking away with a score of 184.5. 3 months later we competed in Arvada, CO at our 3rd trial and walking away with a score of 195.5. Among training Petra I am also part owner of Southern Warrior K9 with my partner Brad where we train from basic obedience to service.


John Lugo & Upgrade

M’Upgrade 16130

John Lugo and M'Upgrade


Sarah Lytle & Bowie


Sarah Lytle and Bowie, her five year old Malinois, live outside of Pittsburgh and train with Big Apple Mondioring in NY. 


Adel Mokrane & A'Kuno

A'Kuno De La Traviesa

A' Kuno is pleasant, happy and easy going dog that gets it done.


Heather Ratynski & Kapua


Kapua was adopted from North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue when she was 7 months old and after she had made a long journey from the Netherlands. She has competed in multiple club trials and two national championships and spends her spare time running amok as a semi-feral ranch dog.

HB Ryan & Noisette


Noisette is a one year old Dutch Shepard. In addition to being a handler, HB is also a USMRA certified decoy. He has been involved in the sport since 2009.



Jan Elizabeth & Quest

Valiant Quest du Loups du Soleil

Quest and I began our partnership when he was 2 years old, when he came to me as a gift from Mahogany Gamble.  He is a dog who never says no, always enthusiastically ready for the next training adventure.  We owe much of our success to our great training partners in the Feisty Malinois Mondio Ring Club and to our travelling decoy, Fernando Dosta.


Mahogany Gamble & "Lexie"

Wonder Woman du Loups du Soleil

Lexie is a fun girl. Bit of a hot head, but aren't all good women?


Cindy Hunt & Ezra

Mieux Que Ezra

Cindy and Ezra have been training together since Ezra was a puppy. They look forward to showing at Nationals and wish everyone the best of luck!


Donna Matey & Trip

Trip Du Loups Du Soleil

Trip came to live with me in September of 2019. He was 5 years old. After a few training sessions it was obvious Trip had great mondioring foundation training. Observing his enthusiasm and potential renewed my interest in the sport. We hit the training and trial fields in 2020 and continue to work on becoming the best team we can be. Trip was raised and trained by my very dear friend Deb Parker-Hawkins. He was Deb's heart dog and chemo buddy. I know Deb's kind and generous spirit will be shining down on trial day wishing every team their best performance ever.


Trisha Olson & "Mookie"

Lazer von Katzel

I got Mookie as a pet from a show line breeder near my house. My puppy criteria was that he was pretty and dark, that's pretty much the extent of how I picked puppies. Then I decided to get into "Biting Sport Stuff". I reached out to people at local dog training facilities near me, started training with them all on a regular basis and started to learn really what the sport is about. I also learned that I was given the hardest dog I will probably ever own. To say he is challenging is an understatement but to say he is rewarding hits the nail on the head. I wouldn't change a thing about him, I wouldn't go back, he is the dog I was given and he brought us to this point. I am excited to see where he takes us in the future.


Whitney Ostrom & "Kane"


Hurikane has his title II in mondioring. He has trained with SoCal Mondio Club by Zack Kiser and Mackenzie Aeberli. He is the son of Blaze who won second in worlds in 2016 with Zack Kiser. Kane enjoys longs walks on the beach.


Brian Reynolds & George

George Harrison 16130

George, the quiet one.


Ali Ryan-Plasil & Bees

Doctor Bees Du Dantero

Bees and Ali are excited to compete at Mondioring Nationals for level 2!


Brendan Shea & Mako


Hi I’m Brendan Shea. I’m from Winston Salem, NC. I’ll be competing at Level 2 with my 4 year old Dutch Shepherd, Mako. Mako is my first competition dog and we started training for mondioring when he was 8 months old. We are excited for this opportunity and are hopeful to get his Level 2 title here.



Michael Ellis & "Monk"

Thelonious du Loups du Soleil

Michael runs a school for dog trainers in Santa Rosa, California, and has bred Malinois under the kennel name Loups du Soleil for almost thirty years. "Monk" is  fifth generation Loups du Soleil breeding and a very happy dog :)


Gina Gaetano & Bjorn

Bjorn des Loups du Lac

Bjorn and I are proud members of Utah Protection Sports. I fell in love with Mondio in early 2016 when I watched David Broderick do a bite work demo. Bjorn is the first Loups du Lac dog to step out on the Mondio field and is my first competition dog. We are excited for the opportunity to be competing at nationals!


Maureen Haggerty & "Quilly"

Quill Vom Ferrenberg

Quilly is a 6 year old Doberman imported from Germany from the Ferrenberg kennel. Maureen and Quilly enjoy life in Minnesota being active outdoors with 2 other Dobermans and Maureen's partner in life, Tim. Quilly is a happy girl who always greets visitors with a silly toothy smile.
Maureen and Quilly are members of Motley Crew Mondioring club in West St Paul, Minnesota. Maureen started in Mondioring with her first Doberman puppy in 2007. Quilly is her 3rd MR3 Doberman.


Maureen Haggerty & "Frido"

Elara’s Alfrido The Great

Frido is an almost 6 year old doberman, born in New Jersey. And yes, Frido is actually named after the chip, Fritos. But to save the breeder embarrassment, we hid it with the fancier name "Alfrido". He also goes by Corn chip or Burrito. Frido is a very laid back guy, who enjoys chasing his dad on the tractor or body slamming his housemate Quilly.


Zack Kiser & Scrappy

Scrappy II

Zack Kiser has been competing in Mondioring since 2014, winning the Level 1 Nationals in 2016 and representing the U.S at the World Championship the same year, with a second place finish. Scrappy started his Mondioring career at 3 years of age having done no previous protection sports. He has qualified for his level 3 title twice in the last year and we are beyond excited for an opportunity to show at this stage.


OJ Knighten & Miko

Miko Des Soldats De Krist Ale

I have had the pleasure of breeding, raising ,training and trialing dogs over the last 36 years.  I’m the man who turned his passion into his profession and life’s most meaningful work. I believe there is no better place to be than on the field, doing what I love, with a great dog and even better people. Let’s make today great!  Good luck to everyone.


Lisa Lucero & Hero

Hero 16130

Lisa and Hero are super excited to participate in Nationals 2021. Hero is the real star of the show and we intend to highlight that to the best of our ability. We’re looking forward to fun, friends, and a challenging program. #HulkSmash


Francois Massart & "Lethal"

Leyton Waltham Forest

"Lethal" began his Mondioring career in 2018.  2021 USMRA Nationals is his first time competing at the highest level (level 3).  Lethal competes in both French Ring (Ring III) & Mondioring.  He enjoys long walks on the beach and hoarding the bed.


Patti Phillips & Winston

I’Winston Wolf du Loups du Soleil

Traveler, adventurer and spirited, steadfast teammate.
Mondioring has taken us around the globe the last 9 years and our travels have been nothing short of action packed. A schedule booked with trials, training with phenomenal decoys, visiting clubs and living the mondio life always looking forward to our next adventure. Winston, now a senior dog, calls the shots and we take it one adventure at a time. Getting older... maybe, but he has also gotten wiser and has a broad skill set.  This 'old' boy still loves a challenging trial and squaring up to talented decoys as they test his skills.
A venturesome career that started under judge Margaret McKenna in 2014 now coming full circle under her watchful eye one last time, or maybe not...  Stay tuned.


CeAnne Taylor & "Pajr"

Sylvan Eidolon Atlas

CeeCee & Pajr West Penn Mondioring Club


Shaina Zimmerman & Atom

Atom de Jardin

Shaina and Atom were the 2019 National Champions in MR1 and were selected to represent MR1 at FMBB 2020. After the pandemic canceled the event, they moved forward to MR2 with scores in the 290s. Atom then achieved his MR3 in Colorado at the end of March 2021, hoping to play at the 2021 National Championship. Atom is Shaina's first Belgian Malinois, and first Mondioring dog.

This year we dedicate our time on the field to the loss of my first working dog, Versailles. She was a spitfire of a dog and she is sorely missed.