Hailey Sweet and "Spyder"

High Velocity Bite von Krigbaum

Hailey and Spyder began their Mondioring journey after falling in love with the sport while helping with the Fair Play Mondio trial in the fall of 2018. Spyder is Hailey's first working dog and they have spent the last year traveling the country going to seminars to work with decoys from all over the world. They are proud members of the Evolution Working Dog Club in St. Louis. In her two short years of life, Spyder has earned her IGP BH, Mondioring Brevet, and both legs of her Mondioring Level One. They look forward to competing at Nationals and are excited to support fellow USMRA members!

Bryan Evans and Liberty

Liberty and Bryan live and train in the Houston area with Southern Grip PSA Club. 

Shaina Zimmerman and Atom de Jardin

Shaina and Atom are incredibly excited for the 2020 season. They started out the year with another passing Level 1 score, and are looking forward to stepping out onto the field at Nationals, and FMBB. Atom was your 2019 Nationals Level 1 Champion, representing Mile High Mondioring, and can't wait to play!

Heather Ratynski and Kapua

Heather and Kāpua are members of Mile High Mondioring and this will be their third National Championship. Kāpua was adopted through North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue and after nationals they will try for MR2.

Jeremy Barry and Zelda Vom Konigsdorf

Zelda Vom Konigsdorf is a German Shepherd Dog who likes long walks on the beach, swimming, hiking in the snow, eating waffles, and, occasionally, doing what she is told.  She and Jeremy train with Mile High Mondioring and they're hopeful they can get the second leg of their level one in Colorado.

Matt Jubera and Claus Des Loups Du Lac

Claus likes jolly balls, playing with Freya our GSD and squeezing himself into the seat well of cars during road trips. Matt and Claus reside in Denver and represent Utah Protection Sports.

Mackenzie Aeberli and Man Drake 16130

Man Drake and I are going to be competing for our 2nd leg of his level 1 title!

Mahogany Gamble and "Lexie"

Wonder Woman du Loups du Soleil

Lexie - sweet but psycho

Emily Stoddard and "Keegan"

Test Drive's Lil Sumpin' Sumpin'

Keegan is Emily's first Malinois, first sport dog. Together they have explored all areas of bite sports, but found a home in Mondio Ring.

Hb Ryan and Prins Perl’s de Tourbiere

Prins and I train with RedDirt Ringers

Michael Lane and Lane's Porsche

Porsche and I are from Colorado Springs and started working in Protection Sports since 2016 when Porsche was 2 years old shortly after watching our 1st Mondio Rinn National Championship Trial. We are both members of Colorado Springs K9 Club.  Since then Porcshe has earned her NADF Entry Level Title and Passed Obedience for Level 1.  


Jan Elizabeth and "Quest"

Valiant Quest du Loups du Soleil

Quest and I became a team a little over a year ago, when Mahogany Gamble gave him to me after my first mondio dog had died unexpectedly.  His excellent character and goofy, fun-loving nature, combined with his seriousness in the work, have endeared him to me and launched us into a promising mondio future.

Whitney Ostrom and Hurikane

Kane has completed his MR2. Kane and Whitney have been working together for three and a half years with Socal Mondio. This will be their first appearance at Nationals.  

Gina Gaetano and Bjorn des Loups du Lac

Bjorn and I are proud members of Utah Protection Sports. I fell in love with Mondio in early 2016 when I watched David Broderick do a bite work demo. Bjorn is the first Loups du Lac dog to step out on the Mondio field and is my first competition dog. We are excited for the opportunity to be competing at nationals!

Aleandra Ryan-Plasil and "Bees"

Doctor Bees Du Dantero

Bees recently earned his MR2 title. Ali and Bees are excited to compete at their second national competition, alongside their fellow SoCal Mondio teammates.


Todd Dunlap and Sylvan Eidolon Atlas

Sylvan Eidolon Atlas is a Belgian Malinois competing in category 3 from West Penn Mondioring Club.

Lisa Lucero and Hero 16130

Just a girl and her dog with a passion for Mondioring.

Brad Hardin and K10 Kitty's Pryde

Kitty is a 4 year old Belgian Malinois. We train with the RedDirt Ringers and we hope to earn our MR 3 at Nationals.

Maureen Haggerty and

Quill Vom Ferrenberg

Quilly is a 4.5 year old Doberman. She is my second doberman to train in Mondio Ring and is a happy, silly girl who is a joy to train. She currently has her MR 2, but will be trialing at Category 3 at the St Louis trial March 15.

Maureen Haggerty and "Frido"

Elara's Alfrido the Great

Frido is my "tied for 2nd" Doberman to train in Mondio Ring. He is also 4.5 years old and I got him the same time as Quilly. Frido has his MR2 and is trialing at Category 3 at the St Louis Trial.

Frido is named after Frito's corn chips. You can just call him "Corn Chip". He's a very easy going guy that way.

Lianne Shinton and "Flirty"

M'Flirt de Loucyn

'Flirty' (M'Flirt de Loucyn) is your 2018 USMRA National Level 1 winner and a two-time Team USA World Championship competitor! Lianne and 'Flirty' will be stepping on the field this year at Level 3. Representing Marvel K9 Ringsport Club, best of luck Team 'Dirty Flirty'!

Michael Ellis and "Monk"

Thelonious du Loups du Soleil

Michael is a long term member of USMRA and runs a school for trainers in California.  Thelonious, "Monk", received his MR3 in October of 2019 and is the fifth generation of Loups du Soleil breeding.